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Adam Cooper, Teina & Ngapaki Moetara


"The effects of participating in Araitepō have been both subtle and profound. It has deepened my awareness- of self, of others, and of the context that gives rise to what we see around us. I feel like I walk more gently and more purposefully in the world as a result of participating. It taught me to listen more deeply, and to make room for different questions than before. It brought some of my unhelpful patterns of thinking to the surface and planted seeds that are still having a positive effect four years later."

"Araitepō is the deep reflection on whakapapa, and connection to the personal history that shapes us, but does not necessarily define us."
Jackson Perry Anaura Bay Ruku Po



Tap... tap... tap.

Circles.  Awa

Lights.  Letting go.

Feet on the ground.

Art.  Rain falling.


To enact through group process the potential of each person and in turn the group. 

To witness individuals encountering themselves..   To be in the role of witness.

Tikanga Marae as the framework to release the potential of ours, my, your … humanity. 


"I can hear you making small holes 

In the silence 

Rain…"   Hone Tuwhare 

Puti Lancaster
Theresa Reihana Ruku Pō
Kay Walker Ruku Po
"I am so glad I was able to participate in this kaupapa. Uplifting, inspiring, for emotional, spiritual and whanau growth. When a roopu trusts and accepts each others differences, draws on those skills to work as one, creates positive change, you know that they have been ARAITEPO'D"

"An inherent sequence, absolute and true.

Timeless teachings from ancestors past.

Intrinsic knowledge we must endorse.

For these wisdoms come from a powerful source."

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