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Teina Moetara, Tiowaana Harrington & Ngapaki Moetara are the core facilitators of  Araitepō. 

Teina is an experienced Arts translator of Indigenous forms of encounter with a demonstrated history of working in the community, higher education industry, public and private sector agencies. Strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Diploma in Primary Teaching focused in Te Reo Maori, and an applied Master of Indigenous Wisdoms and Knowledge. 

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Tiowaana Harrington is an experienced facilitator and translator of the indigenous frames grown
out of Te Kotahitanga Marae, Kaikohe, which has an ethos of unity. This approach is applied in her
different settings including the Ratana Movement, Māori education, health, community and family. The
Kotahitanga principles also guide her fierce application and delivery.

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Ngapaki is a trained theatre director whose first love is storytelling and generating environs where groups can see themselves reflected through their own questions and curiosities. She’s a skilled group worker and performer who always holds the learning at the centre. Her approach is guided by the context and frames she is inside of and particularly draws on her relationship to service of the wider group needs and questions. 

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